blueberry vaccinium hybrid


Blueberry Kisses®

This Australian bred dwarf blueberry is an evergreen, crisp, sweet variety with extremely large fruit size and a constant supply of delicious, healthy fruit full of antioxidants. Grows to a height of 1 metre x 75cm width


Self Pollinating


Plant both varieties in your garden and you will receive a constant supply of fresh berries for 8-10 months. Harvest in late July to September in warm climates and August to Oct/Nov in cooler climates.


For best results we recommend planting in pots or tubs. ph: best below 5.5 for optimum results Planting media: 50% pine bark, plus 50% of a premium potting mix. A layer of pine bark added to the soil surface will help protect plant roots. Fertiliser: At planting apply a 3 month slow release fertiliser and re-apply every 3 months. Plants also benefit from good liquid fertiliser every 3 weeks throughout the growing season. Maintain good soil moisture and plant health to reduce disease.


Variety MB007 cv (PBR)